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Brow Lifts: What to Expect After Your Procedure

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A recovery period is unavoidable when it comes to plastic surgery but each process will be different depending on the type of surgery.

If a brow lift is your surgery of choice, there are a few things that you can expect after your surgery.

What to expect after your brow lift

– You will be hungry. Directly after your procedure, you will be quite hungry as the anesthesia wears off but it’s important not to have a full meal directly after your surgery, especially anything that requires you to choose. Rather stick to liquid foods such as soups and smoothies directly after your surgery.

– You won’t stray far from a bathroom. IV sedation will be used for an endoscopic brow lift, which can also lead to one very common side effect – frequent bathroom breaks. The significant amount of fluid that you receive during your brow lift will mean you’ll be going to the bathroom quite a bit after your procedure. With that being said, it’s important to stay hydrated after your procedure too.

– Bruising and swelling is par for the course. While you may not have any severe bruising and swelling directly after your procedure, it may get slightly worse in the days following your brow lift.  There is no cause for concern though because bruising and swelling are very common after any plastic surgery with Dr Ritz. Brow lift patients can expect any bruising and swelling to subside after 4 or 5 days. If you want to reduce any swelling that you do experience, keep your head elevated, even when you’re sleeping. A cold compress can also work but you will need to apply it quite regularly after your procedure for it to have any effect. Placing the compress on the areas around your eyes offers the best results. There are also some supplements that you can use to reduce swelling but it’s best to speak to your surgeon about what they recommend.

– You will be slightly uncomfortable. In most cases, brow lift patients can expect minimal discomfort after their procedure but this can be reduced with over-the-counter pain medication. You may also find that your scalp and the areas near your incisions will be itchy once the anaesthesia begins wearing off. Be sure not to scratch as this could open up your sutures and cause an infection.

– Take it easy. You will need to reduce your activity levels for at least 2 weeks after your surgery but this doesn’t mean that you can’t leave your couch or bed. You simply can’t engage in any activities that are too strenuous. Taking short walks or doing light chores such as folding washing is ok though.

After your brow lift, your surgeon will provide you with some post-care instructions that will accelerate your healing and make the recovery process a lot easier. The more you follow these instructions, the sooner you can enjoy the results of your brow lift.

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