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Fluoride Treatments: How Important are They

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Fluoride treatments come under oral hygiene and dental care. They strengthen the teeth and serve as barriers for cavities. If your teeth become powerful, they become less prone to mouth acid attacks.

Acids develop inside the mouth if bacteria come into contact with sugar. If this arises, the teeth start to lose strength. Oxon Hill MD dentists call this process demineralization that usually causes tooth decay when you the lost materials are not replenished.

Fluoride Treatment for Children

Fluoride treatments will benefit children as they will repair the enamel surface and strengthen developing teeth. Parents who have children younger than five must offer their kids topical fluoride treatment, beginning from six months to 16 years.

Also, fluoride rinses can help children who are at a high risk of decay or have history of cavities. Such rinses are recommended for kids more than age six. They can bought in most stores’ mouthwash section. Prescription fluoride gels and rinses which offer a higher fluoride level are also available.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatments

Individuals who have various oral illnesses can benefit from fluoride treatments. Their dentist can conduct the treatments during a patient’s dental visit. Although over the counter fluoride treatments are available, a dentist can access to bigger quantities of fluoride. People who suffer from the ailments like gum disease and dry mouth as well as those with cavities and who wear braces, bridges or crown can find fluoride treatments greatly beneficial.

Is Fluoride Safe?

Fluoride is a mineral contained in water and in various types of foods. Although your water has fluoride, it is only in very small quantity. Medical professionals have provided this mineral a safe verdict; however, only when taken in recommended dosage. In case a person ingests fluoride in bigger doses, it can be toxic and the person will have to be sent to a hospital.

Those who have fluoride lying around their house in the form of a topical treatment must keep it away from children. Fluoride will benefit oral hygiene only when used as recommended. Toothpaste with fluoride must be used although this is not enough. Everyone should visit a dentist for a regular fluoride treatment.

People who take some medications which result in tooth decay must think about fluoride treatment as a part of their regular teeth cleaning regimen. A dentist will apply the treatment into the teeth which means that this can be done in only one sitting.


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