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Think Twice Before You Go Under The Knife!

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Plastic surgery is a complicated procedure especially cosmetic surgery. Here the expected results are not always guaranteed. It can actually build or break a person’s confidence.

To begin with, the decision of undergoing cosmetic surgery should be taken after a lot of constructive thinking. It is not something one should indulge in just on a whim.

Once you have decided to undergo plastic surgery, it is extremely crucial to find a great surgeon whom you can trust blindly, https://www.elixxir.com.au/elixxir-skin-care/dr-michael-miroshnik/ can be checked out for the same.

The reasons being:

  • He will be able to guide you on the pros and cons of any surgery you desire to undergo.
  • Depending on your physical and mental condition, he will advise you on best course of action for yourself.
  • He/she will have their own team of trusted doctors for operations.
  • Post surgery care is vital to getting back to normal, and a good surgeon will ensure you are well looked after.

Pros and cons of getting plastic surgery: 


  • It helps in realigning the facial features in a proportionate manner giving a more beautiful appearance to the face.
  • Good looks boost confidence and enhance self-esteem.
  • It helps in retaining your youthful looks by getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • For someone struggling with body shaming due to excessive weight, large breasts, small breasts, small hips, etc. It is a great way to overcome these obstacles, when exercise and diet control do not help.
  • In case of reconstructive plastic surgery, the person undergoing the surgery is normally a victim of burns, bad accident or acid attack. This surgery is a boon for such people because it gives them cause and motivation to live their lives again.


  • If the desired results are not achieved, then the person not only loses self-confidence, but will also have to shell out a lot of money on corrections.
  • It can lead to dissatisfaction in a person, meaning they cease to be happy about their body irrespective of how many surgeries they have had. They always end up finding something new that needs correcting in their body.
  • In cases of Brazilian butt lift, the procedure has been known to cause death. The reason being that fat from one part of the body is removed through liposuction and transferred to the butt to make it fuller. The veins in the posterior region are extremely thin and connected to the heart. Sometimes the fat gets sucked in these veins due to damage during surgery. This fat straight away gets flows to the heart, leading to cardiac arrest and demise.
  • Removal of fine lines and wrinkles is not permanent. One has to take painful injections time and again to maintain the young look.
  • These procedures are extremely expensive.

Keeping the above pros and cons in mind, in an ideal situation it is best to be happy with what you have. But in case you are someone who desires perfection, then the discovery of plastic surgery is a boon for you. The trick is to find a doctor whom you have complete faith on.

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