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Understanding Herpes and How to Prevent the Spread

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Herpes is an infection caused by the herpes simplex virus (HPS). This incurable disease has two forms: oral herpes and genital herpes. Many of those who carry it are not aware of it and they have mild symptoms. This means that they still pass on the infection.

Symptoms of Herpes

Genital herpes has symptoms that can arise from a cluster of blistery sores that appear on the vagina, mouth, penis, cervix and anus. This rash can be uncomfortable and even painful and itchy. They can lead to swollen glands, headache, fever and burning sensations. The initial outbreaks tend to be more painful than the recurring ones. This is because of the inability of the immune system to prepare for it. Those who have mild symptoms will usually mistake them for other conditions like yeast infections, insect bites, hemorrhoids and ingrown hair follicles. Many of those who have these symptoms consider using a natural herpes treatment like a mineral detox.

How the Virus is Spread

The majority of herpes carriers believe that herpes is contagious only where there are visible sores. However, research revealed that some people are likely to spread the infection during the few days before an outbreak when sores don’t appear. The sufferer may know how to recognize the signs during this time that can include an uncomfortable, tingling and itching feeling in the area the lesions appear.  Herpes can be spread through:

  • Sexual activity. Anyone can get herpes by having vaginal, oral and anal sex. Any sexual contact can infect the one who is not infected. Those who have herpes must use a condom when having sex to avoid contaminating the partner.
  • Pregnancy. A herpes infection can cause a stillbirth or miscarriage and the mother can pass on the disease to her child. This is likely if she gets the infection during her third trimester. Mothers with herpes before this period can pass on her antibodies to her baby.
  • Direct contact with the sores and saliva of the infected person. Herpes can spread to other parts of the body when the sufferer touches a herpes sore and touch his mouth, eyes or genital without washing his hands first. Also, he can pass the virus to somebody else this way.

Treating Herpes

Although there is still no herpes cure, current treatments include more accurate tests and using medications to keep the virus at bay. Also, detoxification has been proven to help in treating herpes because it strengthens the immune system. Viral attacks have been associated with a weak immune system. Even herpes breakouts can recur as the immune system is compromised. A mineral detox is gaining popularity as a natural treatment for herpes that works.

Studies have shown that herpes lesions serve as an entryway for HIV. This means that those who carry herpes are more likely to have an HIV infection with they come in contact with the virus. Therefore, even if herpes is not fatal, carrying it can lead to fatal consequences. If you suspect that you have it, consult with your doctor right away to know what to do and avoid a possible spread of the virus.

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